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How you can make the World Cute and Happy!:-)

1. Cute and Happy Friends (You) can browse the section titled ‘Partners’ to learn more about these wonderful charities and what they do to help make the World a better place and support them by voting on the meters.

Cute and Happy Friends (You) then visit our ‘Cute Shop – Take Action’ and shop for our Cute and Happy products! The best way to make the most impact is to buy a Cute and Happy product! You will automatically make the World a Cuter and Happier Place by creating positive feelings for yourself or for someone special. By making purchases and voting for a charity, Cute and Happy Friends (You) become the solution to help solve the global issues and social challenges our character represents.

** You can also directly visit our Zazzle Shop and Cafepress Shop and browse through thousands of incredible Cute and Happy products that will brighten your day! Each product is a small dose of affordable Happiness for you and your loved ones :)


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*** A % of our total annual profits from both our directly manufactured products as well as from our 3rd party manufactured products will be disbursed annually to the charities you help us decide on.  The more you support us, the greater our impact! We hope our products will help make the World a better place by creating lots of smiles, magical friendships, and Cute and Happy moments around the World.


Another way to Take Action:

3. Another way to help make the World a better place is to GET SOCIAL WITH OUR CHARACTERS AND THE GLOBAL ISSUES AND SOCIETAL CHALLENGES THEY REPRESENT: Spread the word to all your Cute and Happy friends!  The more we grow together as a global community the more we will be able to create a better shared future for everyone. Here are some ways:

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