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Love Panda lost her parents and her home due to massive deforestation from illegal loggers and rapid economic development such as farming, construction, and mining activities. Love Panda left her home and was all alone until one day she met Hi Butterfly in the forest. Together they met many more Cute Friends. Now Love Panda has some Cute Friends to play with. Love Panda is very playful and loves to eat her bamboo while receiving tummy massages. Love Panda is very gentle and loves to be tickled, cuddled, and hugged. But Love Panda is still looking to be adopted by someone and find a new home.

  • You're One of a Kind, That is What Makes You Special. Accept Who You Are.  Love Yourself. Love Humanity. Love the Planet.
  • Don't Be Afraid To Be A Love Panda!

Pandas are one of the most endangered animal species with only 1,600 left in the world. PLEASE HELP SAVE PANDAS BY ADOPTING LOVE PANDA AND HELP CONSERVE LOVE PANDA’S NATURAL HABITAT!


Universe CUTE World
Sex Female
Name / Chinese Name Belle / Xiong Mao
Marital Status Single
Height 4 feet standing
Weight 140 pounds
Eyes Black
Hair Black and white coat
Citizenship Chengdu, China
Diet Bamboo / Vegetarian
Super Powers When love panda is afraid she gives off a special scent, which makes everyone adore her and want to hug her
Friends Hi Butterfly, Cutesy Bunny, Dragon Rock Star, Kung Fu Tiger, Princess Cherry

Sleeping, climbing trees, eating, making new cute friends

Family CUTE Friends, Giant Pandas
Zodiac / Chinese Sign Libra / Pig
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